Strength in Diversity

Before I take you back to my beginnings, I would like to share an observation with you.

I was always under the impression, in order to be a successful, recognized, respected artist, you needed to be specific kind of artist, be it seascape, portrait , landscape , abstract, you get the picture. How many artist have you heard say, “I can’t paint portraits, or I could never paint a seascape”. They have chosen to specialize and should be congratulated for achieving a level of professionalism in a subject they are passionate about.

There is some truth to that, in that when you go to a gallery, you see how many featured artist do paint a particular genre. The consistency of their chosen style, subject, and application does make a strong impression.

I understand that and I have always thought of myself envious of that consistency and discipline it takes to stay focused with a specialty. That is not me. My interest is broad and the challenge to paint subjects totally opposite one from the other is exactly what I love.

Because I have taught for over twenty, maybe more like thirty years, just kidding more like forty years, I painted all subjects. My students wanted to learn them all. This was where I developed. I had to problem solved and verbalize it in a manner that made sense to my students. My skills improved and the ability to analyze what I saw, learning how to communicate what I saw, that actually was the wonderful confidence builder I needed for improved my skills, as well as improving my students understanding and applications skills.

I will share with you later on just how this diversity of subjects has been both a strength and blessing to my career.


  1. Regina on July 7, 2021 at 10:49 am

    We have a painting we believe may have been created by you. The signature looks the same. So I wonder. It’s of a small rowboat in a type of swampy grassy area with a lot of turquoise’s and blues and greens.

    • Sandra Bergeron on October 7, 2021 at 3:45 pm

      Regina, The painting you mentioned might very well be mine. If the signature looks the same, it probably is mine.
      Welcome to my official web site. It’s taken 7 years, but is now up. As I learn to manage it, I will be
      adding many more images. Thank you for your comments. Sandy