Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions form part of the contract between Sandra Bergeron and you the customer and art the basis on which any disagreement will be considered.

By purchasing a print from us, you understand that you own a copy of an original photograph, giclee, canvas transfer as captured by the original creator Sandra Bergeron.  At no point do you, or will you, own the copyright of any image purchased from us.

Prints may not be reproduced, copied, shared electronically or used for any commercial purpose without our prior, express, permission and any applicable fee (as determined by us) being paid.

It is illegal to produce copies of any work which is copyrighted by us, and we reserve the right to request legal assistance to enforce any applicable laws should any breach of copyright be discovered.


All orders must be submitted via this website in accordance with the instructions set out on each step and page of the checkout process.

You are responsible for ensuring the completeness and accuracy of your order details and Sandra Bergeron will not be liable for any failure by you to provide complete and accurate information in your order.


At this time, our preferred shipper is the United States Postal Service. If, however you need your order expedited, we can work out a different form of shipment for an additional charge.

Any order which has been damaged during delivery, where you have informed us within 24 hours of the delivery attempt, we will replace by us free of charge with a duplicate copy of the same print as ordered.

The price of a product does not include delivery charges. Please refer to the "Delivery" line at checkout.

Unless stated on your order, confirmation and receipt, prints "loose photographs" or "matted photograph" and will be in flat formatted protective packaging.


Once your order is received, it will take 5 to 8 business days for us to process and ship your artwork to you.

Orders may only be deemed to have been accepted by us upon your receipt of our order confirmation in writing (which may be by e-mail) along with relevant order reference number.


You can pay for prints using our chosen secure credit card gateway, online.

Payment for prints and all applicable delivery charges must be made in advance.

Upon our sending of your confirmation by email, this contract is then deemed to be in force and all applicable clauses and terms to your order apply.

Once delivery of your order has been signed for as accepted, your order and payment are considered complete.

All sales final.